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Watched the documentary.

Two career criminals. One of the burglars liked to use night vision goggles, he would rob victims while they slept, then stick around and visit every bedroom because he enjoyed listening to people breathing.

Scary stuff.

Lessons to be learned:

1. Just because its an affluent area doesn't mean the crooks don't know that, generally they follow the money. Be alert and prepare accordingly.

2. Carry a gun, if either adult had a mousegun (and the will to use it) the outcome could have been different.

3. Unlikely, but LE may not save you, in this case they had a half hour, but did nothing but establish a perimeter, while they heard a female screaming... the 48 yr old was brutalized, strangled, raped, the 17 and 11 year olds were brutalized, molested, tied up, gasoline poured on them and burnt alive... and the police response?

No knock on the door, no phone call, no bull-horn, no crashing thru the front door. 3 females murdered, waiting to be saved.

4. The overall lesson is that you are king and/or queen of your castle, and you must protect your family.

Even a small pocket handgun can save you.
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