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Mike: Thank you for the recommendation. I'll keep the 10/22 in mind for when the time comes to pick out a firearm of my own in the near future.As for the distinction between accuracy or precision, I meant whether I should be more focused on tight groups first, or getting the rounds centered on the bullseye. Precision being tightness, accuracy being average proximity to center. I dug in to the Appleseed shoot events and I think I'm going to make that my short term goal. Build fundamentals as best as I can and attend one of those events.

Big Al: That sounds like a good rule of thumb. I'm not sure how to determine the merits of the rifle, but at 25 yards it sounds like I shouldn't have any excuse not to shoot within a quarter sized area. I'll try modifying my handgun target design for black and white, and see if that helps with sighting.

Art: I'll look in to getting some kind of makeshift bench rest. I tried using a rolled up towel as a substitute for sandbags but couldn't quite get it comfortable. It would be nice to be able to focus on the sight picture more until I figure out exactly how it should look with this particular rifle. That might be the way to go.

bcarver: The biggest issue I was having was holding steady. The sight picture kept bobbing around and I couldn't quite lock it down. I was also having some trouble seeing the bullseye around the front post of the sights. Not quite sure how to deal with that yet. I like the idea of a five aimpoint target. I'll see if I can get a similar design to fit on a single sheet of paper and still sight in with irons. I'll post a picture of targets at the end of this post.

Day 1 Targets:

I should specify, the rifle in question is a Squires Bingham Model 20, and I'm using iron sights only.
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