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James K
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I guess I am the "long time member" mentioned. (At least you didn't call me an "old" member!)

If so, I never said that the 7.7 Jap was "designed" to be used in a .30-'06 rifle, "stomped in" or otherwise. That kind of thing is never (AFAIK) intended, only the result of coincidence. I did say that I have fired 7.7x58 in a .30-'06 rifle. In fact, since first posting that, I loaded an entire (Japanese) clip of 7.7 into an M1903A3 and fired them. There were no signs of high pressure and no need to "stomp" on anything to chamber the rounds.

I always recommend firing only the proper ammunition in any firearm, but the 7.7 in a .30-'06 rifle would work in an emergency.

Jim K
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