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mehavey posted:
Actually not as much as it might appear, as the human/male body at 180# really doesn't move as a high speed bullet drives in. Therefore the bullet energy is expended/damage is done internally.

The lack of Suburban "damage" from a 1 ft/sec impact comes from assuming that the human body simply moves as a unit backwards at a similar speed -- with little damage (if any) done at all.

But stop that gross body movement, and the Suburban's energy -- small as it might seem -- is expended in crushing the body's internal organs.

The examples are nor so far off as they seem.
There's no way in the world that a Suburban hitting you with your back against the wall while it's only travelling one inch per second (not one foot per second, 45 Auto calculated it at one inch per second; that's extremely slow, that's just over one twentieth of a mile per hour) will do more than ten times the damage of a 500 S&W Magnum and 3,341 times the damage of a .22 LR. I'd be surprised if you had any more than some bruising and maybe some cracked ribs from the Suburban hitting you while going that slowly, even if your back was against a concrete wall.

No, it's pretty clear the OP's chart is extremely flawed and doesn't really represent any real-world values.
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