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Break Down of Threads

I think this site could be a great site but I feel it needs a few changes. I know this will be my opinion and probably get ridiculed for it.
I am a member of several gun sites and visit them at minimum once a day. I think the people on this site are really knowledgeable, but this site does not allow you to wade through the post's that you are not interested enough in. For example you go to the bolt action rifle section it would be really nice to have the different manufactures there, like CZ, Remington and so on. It would also be nice to have a rifle rim fire section and hand gun section, with manufactures listed under those section's, like Browning, Ruger and so on.
I do not visit this site very often because when I get here it is a little disappointing to me that, I feel the section are not a little easier to find and not broken down enough. I like the name and the thread lay out is really nice but it could be tweaked a little bit more and give a site like RFC a challenge.
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