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A while back I created a spreadsheet to compare energy values of different calibers I am interested in at different distances starting from the muzzle. I posted a thread regarding that was met with mixed reception here but someone shared a link to brassfetcher.coms website comparing different calibers penetration value in ballistic gelatin. Pretty much summed it up for me, let them do all the work that spreadsheet data entry got boring anyways.

I ended up taking the averages of all the muzzle energy data I had collected into one chart though, I still refer to the number for each caliber as a reference for buying ammo, sort of a benchmark. I suspect something similar to that is what the OP is looking for in his study, a way to compare and quantify performance of a caliber perhaps.

Im not qualified to say if its accurate but the OP's chart would be easier to read if it was filtered by caliber instead of ratio... id be more interested in comparing the ratios of all the selections within the caliber to each other than comparing the ratios of all calibers out there is not useful to me.
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