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More like "no meaningless jumble of numbers goes unpunished". Force, energy, mass, velocity, and acceleration actually mean something in the real world.

The OP needs to take a few physics classes.

I did it this way because the amount of force inflicted on tissue is related to the weight and energy of the bullet
Actually force = mass x acceleration and has nothing to do with energy.

Kinetic Energy = mass x velocity squared / 2.

Multiplying KE by mass again like the OP is doing gives you mass squared x velocity squared / 2. Then taking the ratio of that meaningless number to the meaningless number generated by a .22?

Why would anyone think that squaring the mass of the projectile means anything? It just makes the velocity and therefore energy much less significant (per my Suburban and person example 2 posts above).

Not denying that it was obviously a good bit of work, but it means nothing. Unless the OP has some research showing his numbers actually mean something, he might as well take the wavelength of the color of the brass times the weight of the gun firing the cartridge squared and chart those numbers. They'll mean just as much and be just as relevant.

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