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I have both but...

I tend to gravitate towards the wheelguns. In our household there are 2 semi-autos and 4 revolvers, so far! I think the beauty of the revolver is the simplicity or operation. Unless you are willing to go out and practice on a regular basis with your handgun to be familiar with where the mag release and safety is or how to clear a jam in an emergency situation then you should go with a revolver.
Others have already pointed out the strength issue regarding the racking of the slide which is certainly a factor. Once loaded, the revolver just sits there waiting for you pick it up. When you to, you just point and shoot, no gun is simpler. The instructors the firearms safety course suggest that the perfect house gun is a 38spl revolver with a 3 or 4" barrel. Anyone can use from 10 to 100 with minimal training and not be bothered much my the recoil.
One thing that my brother mentioned to me is the ease of maintenance, he used to own semi auto and now only own revolver. His reason is he got sick of breaking the semis down and reassembling them to to a decent cleaning.
I haven't mentioned new features such as 7 shot cylinders, that is just a bonus on top of all the good reasons to use a revolver.
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