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Good ranges in the metro Orlando area...

Id try Gander Mountain Academy in the huge Gander Mountain outdoor store in Lake Mary Florida. It's large, safe, clean and they have high tech video simulation training areas.
The Shoot Straight location on north 441/Apopka FL is okay & close to Orlando but its not as well run as the Gander Mountain site, IMO.
If you want simple & low-tech try the Reigs gun shop & rental range on south 441. The "trail" isn't in the best area of downtown Orlando but its cheap and there are few customers during the weekdays(1000am to 400pm). I've shot there a few times with no problems. The staff is laid back & not gruff or "gung-ho".
The newer rental range on south Orange AVE; Oak Ridge, isn't bad either. It's close to downtown(SODO) & the range is new/updated.
The downside is that it's as small as the shop it relocated from & there's not a huge selection to choose from if you rent firearms.

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