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Though I have both, I am increasingly interested in revolvers. Some of the prior posts allude to it, but here's my take:
* Here in CA, the limit is 10 rounds, NY 7. So revolvers are approaching the limit mixing powerful rounds and the maximum capacity allowed. I just ordered a S&W PC .357 V Comp with 8 round capacity. Here in CA, that's close to the limit.
* Perhaps it's my increasing age, greater research, or lack of practice but the more I read about proper and safe use and practice with semi-autos, the more it strikes me that a great deal of time and skill must be spent with failure-mode drills. Tap, rack, bang, FTF, FTE, all that. It's hard to really capture the probabilities and thus the level of muscle memory that is required to be considered competent with ones semi- but it sure seems a lot higher than with a revolver. So, simplicity and reliability all seem to favor the revolver which more than offsets the lack of capacity for many HD/SD gun owners.
I do think that, in time, the reliability between revolvers and semi's will diminish to the point that they are statistically equivalent. That is, semi's will become increasingly reliable. It's hard to imagine that with good ammo, a Glock 19 is much behind a S&W 686. But in general semi's have some catching up to do. Better material science, better CNC tolerances, better and more reliable propellant chemistry and manufacturing repeatability of cartridges will zero out the differences. In time.
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