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I have no objection to these devices; but remember that there's no guarantee that any hostile party/home invader is going to just pull up into your driveway.
The motion detector type cover more than just the driveway. Ours covers the drive, and the front of the house, including a good part of the yard, to the door. The other sensor covers a good part of the back, including the porch and doors. You really cant get near the house without setting one or the other off.

We also picked up a camera set last winter at Walmart for around $250. It has 4 cameras, and all four sides of the outside of the house are covered, and with some overlap, and the cameras work in the dark as well. Now I dont even have to get up and go look.

Getting the cameras set up and hidden took a little ingenuity, but that was actually a pretty fun challenge.

My dogs got lazy and waited until they heard the driveway alarm before barking, so I had to turn the chime off and they soon reverted to their old ways
Ours didnt get lazy, and they still go off at any noise they dont like, they just go even crazier when the alarm sounds. I think the alarm made them insecure and was vying for their job, and they aint letting that happen if they can help it.
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