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Originally Posted by Bluestarlizard

I think my biggest beef with the uninformed and the concept of mindset is that it's to hard or strenuous and it just means someone is paranoid. I don't see it that way at all. I am a curious person, and I watch people around me and pay attention to my surrondings because I find it intresting. ... I guess my side note on maintaining a good mindset and alertness is that it's not this hard thing to be struggled with. It's a means to be more aware of the world you live in, GOOD and bad.
Originally Posted by Louca

It seems difficult because we are not training ourselves to be really living. How often are we reminded to take time and smell the roses. And few ever think the smell of that rose could actually save your life. It really IS interesting to practice awareness of surroundings. You can learn all kinds of things. And in addition to saving your life, you can also come out of it with more enjoyment of life.
Right on, both of you.

So many people talk about paying attention to the world around you as if it's some weird, paranoid, scary, "tactical" thing. It is not! It is making the decision to live consciously. To be fully present in every moment. To listen, and really hear. To look, and really see. To be completely there in the world.

It's a good thing.

Originally Posted by K_Mac

Situational awareness and tactical skills are essential to an attitude that speaks louder than words. I am not talking about the false bravado that tries to mask fear and insecurity or the macho chest thumping of the lower primate; but the attitude that says, "I am not a victim, leave me alone."

Most of us have seen and experienced situations where calmly, and confidently dealing with aggressors has prevented trouble. There is no substitute for that.
Good points.

These skills do help us protect ourselves from violent crime, no doubt about that. But they are also very basic, very worthwhile skills for living well -- living with confidence, living with awareness, living with full knowledge of who you are and what you can do and how you fit into the world.

The decision that your life is worth defending marks an important milestone on the path to living at peace inside your own skin. Most people never consciously decide what's worth living for, what's worth fighting for, what's worth dying for, but you have. It settles your mind in a way that those who have never examined that choice never will know.

The commitment to really see things that are really there -- not to turn away in disgust or fear of the things we don't understand, not to miss seeing the fragile moments of beauty, not to skim busily past the humor or the pathos of life around us -- that commitment marks a big milestone on the path to full consciousness. Most people go through life half-asleep, and you just made the decision to wake up.

Deciding that you will act means you believe you have agency, that the things you do really matter and make a difference, that you fully own your own power and your own choices -- and that's the major milestone on the path to adulthood.

Taking time to master (not just learn, but master) the skills you may need to protect yourself and the people you love -- that's turning away from posturing or posing, and turning toward full responsibility for yourself and your choices. Acquiring the physical skills teaches you something about the limits of those skills and your willingness to use them. It helps you make better and more responsible choices throughout the rest of your life.

All of these things really do make us better prepared to defend our own physical selves. But better than that, they help us fully live.

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