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That's all well and good if you're just found carrying before the actual licenses are available, but what happens if you carry and actually have to use the weapon to defend yourself? In that event, CAN a prosecutor no bill? And what about civil lawsuit by the goblin you shoot (or his estate)? What's your defense going to be?
Illinois justifiable homicide law prevents civil lawsuits in a justified shooting.

If you were using the gun to prevent grave bodily harm, self defense is an affirmative defense.

Even in Chicago people who weren't FOID holders and even had illegal guns who had used a firearm to defend themselves haven't been charged with UUW/AUUW. The cases I know of were home invasions though... so that's a little bit more cut and dried than a confrontation under other circumstances.

Anyway, on the highway they have the case law that says a center console or glove compartment constitutes a case, you would just have to unload the firearm before putting it in there.

The sheriff of at least one of those Illinois counties listed send a memo to the ISP warning the State Troopers to not come into the county to try to make AUUW/UUW arrests.

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