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i use taper crimps on my 9mm/38super/45acp..very satisfied w/results...the factory crimper which lee makes also has a carbide sizer i think to check the base of the hull...i'd like to have some just because i don't have them but normally if i have a problem w/chambering i find that i have set my seating die to long and the lead protruding from the casing is htting the front of the chamber...don't seem to have a problem with the base of casing being too big.....i will say this however...when i resize my 9mm and 38 super and 40..i do it not on my auto press but on my single stage and use a cut down shellholder so i can get more of casing in the die...also use spray lube on them just to cut down on wear to the casing...then wash them all in lacquer thinner..then run through auto press when dry...Dick
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