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There was a long time member here who was of the firm opinion that the 7.7 Arisaka was so designed that a desperate Jap could stomp the bolt closed on a .30-06 cartridge. The only use I can see for the practice, if at all possible, would be to shoot himself in a losing situation, but there it is; we were told so in any thread of this type.

Heck the British picked up 8mm stuff in WWI, not because they shot them in their Enfields, but to shoot in the German sniper rifles the picked up.
The British picked up (and loaded) 8mm because their standard tank machine gun was the 8mm BESA.
The STEN gun is 9mm because when they needed guns so badly after Dunkirk, they had a lot of 9mm ammunition captured from the Italians in North Africa. They were probably set up to load it, too; and nothing to shoot it in after the Smith & Wesson Light Rifle debacle.
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