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"That's all well and good if you're just found carrying before the actual licenses are available, but what happens if you carry and actually have to use the weapon to defend yourself? In that event, CAN a prosecutor no bill? And what about civil lawsuit by the goblin you shoot (or his estate)? What's your defense going to be?

"The county web site told me it's okay to ignore the law"?

I don't think that'll go far in court."

I guess that depends on whether or not it was a justifiable shoot. You're not going to be charged with carrying in any case. If you screwed up the shoot you might be charged with 2nd degree.

I don't know about the civil suit. Why would it be any different from any other good shoot? Or bad shoot?

The signed letter I have from the DA doesn't say anything about the aftermath of a good or bad shoot.

Why not call him and ask him? Randolph County, IL. Prosecutors Office. Jeremy Walker, 618.826.5000, ext. 193.

Or you can e-mail him at statesattorneyrandolph AT gmail DOT com.

Let us know what he says regarding your doubts and questions.
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