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My review of the full-auto Skorpion vz 61 machine pistol

I wrote a review of the Skorpion vz 61 machine pistol over at my Michigan Firearms Examiner column. I got a chance to try a post-86 Dealer Sample awhile back. I included a video of a pretty girl shooting the gun. I could have had a video of me, but thought you'd like her better...

The Skorpion vz 61 provides compact firepower

"The Skorpion vz61 is an interesting little buzz-gun that first achieved notoriety in real-life use and later found renewed fame in movies, TV shows, and video games.

The weapon was designed in then-Communist Czechoslovakia in the late 1950’s as a specialized weapon for elite troops. The gun was later more widely issued to soldiers who could not easily carry rifles as a more effective substitute for a handgun. "
Rob Reed
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