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I think my biggest beef with the uninformed and the concept of mindset is that it's to hard or strenuous and it just means someone is paranoid. I don't see it that way at all. I am a curious person, and I watch people around me and pay attention to my surrondings because I find it intresting. ... I guess my side note on maintaining a good mindset and alertness is that it's not this hard thing to be struggled with. It's a means to be more aware of the world you live in, GOOD and bad.
It seems difficult because we are not training ourselves to be really living. How often are we reminded to take time and smell the roses. And few ever think the smell of that rose could actually save your life. It really IS interesting to practice awareness of surroundings. You can learn all kinds of things. And in addition to saving your life, you can also come out of it with more enjoyment of life.

There's not one of us that wouldn't appreciate knowing about a bad situation long before it happened. And many times, the data to determine that is right before us, just waiting to get plugged into our computer (brain).

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