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Yugo sks

I was looking for a non ar priced ak. I walked toward where they are in the shop and saw what I thought was an all wood ak at first glance. Of course that wasn't the case but after looking at it and the tag, I kept staring at it while picking up different ak's so I went home and researched the sks and learned that it has all the reliability of an ak and is actually better built than the ak for half the price. I sold myself an sks. Went back to the shop,got it then learned that I have a grenade launcher on it that I didn't even know about . This gun just gets better and better. Ill probably never find a use for the bayonet or launcher but it sure looks badass to a semi newb like me I love shooting my sks but I haven't shot any other semi auto rifles so I can't really say how good it actually is. I also love that shooting it only costs as much as my 9mm
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