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I have never owned, seen, heard of a .22 LR that fouled the barrel with lead when firing lead (not copper plated), ammo. Now, if someone else has experienced leading in a .22 RF, please post your experience here.
Oh... yes, it can happen... back 15 years or so ago, my buddies & I used to get together on weekends, & shoot dueling trees with our 22 semi auto handguns... it was not uncommon for me, since I hosted the shoots, to shoot 500 rounds on Saturday, & another 500 on Sunday...

my gun of choice, is / was a Ruger Gov. Target Model with a dot scope... I almost always used the copper plated bullets, & usually cleaned Sunday, or early the following week... one week, the local gun store, was out of my regular Federal bulk packs, & I bought a couple bricks of Remington Thunderbolts... shot like normal the following Saturday, but midway through the 2nd brick on Sunday, my groups started going so bad, I was missing 1/2 the time, I went to a target, & groups had opened to like 6" at 50ft... I sprayed the gun down, & started to push a brush through the barrel, & got the brush stuck after finally getting the brush un-stuck, when all the lead was removed, I was literally pealing it out of the rifling, I could have made up a whole new lead 22 bullets with what came out of the barrel...

... went back to copper washed bullets, & never had that issue again...

I'll shoot hard cast in my center fires, ( actually preferred ) but the soft lead used in 22 bullets IMO, needs a harder metal, even if it's just plated ( or washed ) to keep the lead out of the barrel for fast action shooting
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