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I don't think this relates to your problem as I think you are primarily talking CF cylinders. I have had problems with several .22 revolvers though - sometimes it can be due to the ammo dimensions of the .22 ammo between brands . . . other times, sticking while ejecting a spent cartridge can be caused by too much oil on the walls of the chamber from previous cleaning - especially if the tolerances are tight. I always make sure I run a couple of patches through my cylinder chambers on both .22 and CF revolvers prior to a shooting session.

On the .22s, both of which were "vintage" revolvers - I used toothpaste to polish the chambers and it worked well. The toothpaste is abrasive but not overly so - just enough to polish well. That took care of the sticking problem.

I had several sticky (tight) chambers on a Colt Army Special - .38 spl. - that hung up once in a while and a good polishing took care of that.
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