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Plaintiffs appealed to CA7. They were assigned a new case number - 13-2661.

The appeal and a shot at Judge Stiehl:

passage of the FCCA has not alleviated the irreparable harm inflicted by Illinois’s ban on carrying guns in public. Instead, the FCCA authorizes Illinois to continue inflicting that irreparable harm for up to 270 additional days by giving the Illinois State Police 180 days to make applications for carry licenses available to the public and another 90 days to process those applications once they are submitted. In the meantime, the laws against carrying firearms in public remain on the books and continue to be enforced, and Ms. Shepard and the members of the Illinois State Rifle Association continue to have no means by which they may lawfully exercise their fundamental right to carry firearms in public for their own protection.

Thus, on July 10, Plaintiffs filed a motion in the district court requesting that the court adhere to this Court’s mandate by entering a declaration of unconstitutionality and an injunction against enforcement of the carry ban. But instead of following this Court’s instructions, the court below granted the Defendants’ request to dismiss the case as moot. Plaintiffs have now appealed to this Court and seek entry of an injunction pending appeal.
Emphasis mine
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