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The doors must be a softer in America than here. I have seen police taking a few minutes trying to get through a door with a purpose built hammer and it was just a normal PVC door.
Maybe the doors are the same, but the cops are softer over there?

We are talking about a guy from Wyoming, after all.

I've kicked open doors before. It took me a couple of tries, but I'm not a professional, I was just in a hurry.

I think anyone worrying about this the first thing they should do is get a stronger door. I will not be walking about in the house carrying a firearm for something that probably will never happen. Apart from that the wife would think I had lost the plot.
My wife wouldn't know the difference. I put it in my pocket every morning when I get dressed, along with my wallet and keys. I carry outside the house. Why would I bother to take the gun out of my pocket every time I come home?

Purposefully strapping a gun on when I leave the house would just seem paranoid.
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