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You kicked in doors for medical calls? Really? Why? We would look for a window and pop the screen or cut it and then either open the window or force it with a haligan. Not much damage and the house could be secured when we left.

Just curious as to your tactics. Not an attack on you, just a question.

A medical emergency is just that, an emergency. For example, in heart attacks, seconds count.

Looking for windows, popping or cutting screens, etc. takes too much time, where as kicking a door just takes a second.

Burglars look for windows, cut screens, etc, but they normally choose houses where no one is home. They have more time.

Home invaders, expecting people to be home, kick the door and crash in.

We need to separate Home invaders from Burglars. Different crimes, one is a property crime, one is a person crime.
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