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That because now it is law, you must have a permit issued by the State.

It is now a misdemeanor first offence if caught carrying concealed with a FOID card if you are otherwise eligible to hold a permit.

Now, since they have no permits available yet, let alone any applications for permits, I don't know what they would do. Local LEO's will not arrest in this county.

Just another reason to deny carry as I see it.

Our DA hasn't budged on his position even though it is now law. I carry a faxed copy of his decision about CCW in this county bearing his signature for any LEO that has not heard about this. I would find it difficult to believe that any LEO in this county hasn't been informed of the DA's decision.

I have interacted with several local LEO's I know personally and I have not been questioned about my right to carry while carrying in their presents.

As an aside, they knew this was going to eventually become law one way or another in this state and they should have already had applications printed, available on-line, and distributed to various outlets or PD's where one could be filled out and held until the law passed. Training could have been accomplished ahead of time already knowing what was required in the proposed statute.

No, they sat on their collective asses and did nothing except add another 6-9 months to the process of allowing you to carry a weapon in this God-forsaken state.

Well, 14 counties said screw you we're allowing carry as outlined in the Constitution. Not only the US Constitution, but also the Illinois State Constitution.
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