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+1 to WildBill...I wear a suit and tie to work, casual clothes on the off hours. I'm in mid-Ohio, so summers can go up into the 90's+, and winters can get down to single digits. I simply cannot come up with a single gun/single carry method that will fit all of this. I'm down to 2 guns at this new LCP (in place of a treasured Smith 649) for when it's too hot to wear a covering garment, and my SIG P239 SAS for when I can wear a jacket/coat/etc., or when it's cold enough to need gloves (the trigger guard is plenty big for gloves). I do, however, make sure all of my carry guns operate in the same way (no manual safety, same pull for each shot), so I don't struggle with a safety lever, or changing trigger pulls between shots.
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