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Because even the slowest person on earth would have had ample time to retrieve a firearm from anywhere in an apartment and been ready to go by the time the bad guy got around to breaking into that apartment
I ain't buying that one bit. I've kicked doors, it just takes a second to kick a door and be in the living room.

We use to get a lot of rescue assist, medics policy is they can't break in, but we (the police) could. A quick gander at any door tells you where to kick. I wasn't a big strong guy either (I made of for that after I retired, the big part anyway).

The story was about apartments, in most apartments the door leads to the living room, one swift kick and you can be in the living room before the home owner can get out of his chair not to mention the time it takes to get to the bedroom to retrieve your gun from the bed stand or where every you keep it.

I know there is the problem of kids getting hold of guns, but I've never heard of a kid picking someone's pocket and finding a gun.

Of course just having a gun wont help that much, you need to practice drawing from your recliner, couch, or every place else you might be.

Dogs are nice (mine are useless) but many place wont rent to pet owners.
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