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I use a Benelli Super Sport model / have one in 12ga and one in a do most everything gun ( clays, birds, etc ) as a rain gun / or a travel gun ...or on days when my shoulder is bad. It won't ever replace my O/U's ...but it's a solid gun ( and I bought the 12ga when they first came out - maybe 10 yrs ago now ) ...and I'd buy it again.

An Inertia gun will never be as soft shooting as a gas gun ....but a Benelli with the synthetic stock - so it can have the comfort tech supression system in a pretty soft shooting gun with moderate loads especially - and 90% of the time, I shoot the 12ga with 1oz loads at around 1225 they aren't howitzer loads.

I think Big D is right / price is the reason Benelli doesn't get more support on this forum ....not function.
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