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NY, NY....

I've known a few people in New York City and few NYers who lived in other places who keep a baseball bat or large stick by the front door, .

I've also seen a few of the James Yeager videos on .
In one clip, JY advises viewers to carry a loaded firearm on them all the time until they go to bed.
I don't subscribe to this plan. I do keep my S&W Military and Police .45acp loaded(MagSafe SWAT) & can get to it quickly but Im not always armed 100% of the time.
Break-ins & home invasions can occur, another good video to review is the violent attack on the home owner beaten in front of her young children in NJ.

But I think there's having a smart plan & being paranoid.
FWIW; don't be swayed by the "good area"/"bad area" concept either. My good friend had his SUV broken into a few days ago. He lives in a upscale "good" part of a medium size city too.
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