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Door to door massacre in Miami. (Preparation?)

In Hialeah..A city that isn't necessarily the best place to be. Especially certain parts. This guy kicked down doors of an apartment complex where his neighbors lived and opened fire killing 6 in total. One being a man that was walking outside with his son. He then took 2 hostage when Hialeah SWAT took lead and took him out. He used a 9mm handgun he purchased years ago and was said to work out in the gym 3-4 hours a day.

Here are some links.

So...I've been knocked on a few times for carrying on my person 24/7 while I'm awake. When I'm asleep is when my gun is the farthest from me at a whopping 2 feet. When I shower it's within a foot of me on top of the toilet.

Just a friendly reminder to everyone out there, keep your guns on your person as much as you can! There's a difference between able and allowed. Take that as you wish. But if I am able, I will have it on me.

If you wish to share how you prepare, feel free. I haven't gone into detail other than it always being on me. But I will say it's usually a rifle at home where the chance is greater than 1% that something will happen. I can't carry around my AR so other than that it's usually a Glock 19 with several mags.

Any discussion on this matter in terms of preparation?
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