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James K
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I take a single barrel shotgun and get the tax stamp and cut the barrel to 15", and then put the markings on the receiver. OK. Then, I want to restore the barrel to regular length, so I get a 22" barrel and do what?

The markings indicating the gun is an NFA firearm are on the receiver. Does "once a short barrel shotgun always a short barrel shotgun" apply? Can I put on the 22" barrel and destroy the 15" and have the gun removed from the NFRTR? If I put on the 22" barrel, do I need a new tax stamp to take it off and put on the 15"? Can I put the NFA markings on the 15" barrel instead of the receiver, since it is the barrel that makes it an NFA firearm?

I don't necessarily expect answers, just thought I would ask the questions.

Jim K
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