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Do you vary which gun you carry?

Do you have a carry gun, or several among which you choose which to carry at any particular time? If more than one for carry, what factors do you consider when deciding on which one to carry? Other than the obvious reality of the seasons and the amount of clothing worn, do you take other things into consideration or is just a rotation of various guns so that you don't feel you wasted money on a gun you never carry? Although I have three guns suitable for carry (S&W640, Ruger LCP and Ruger sr40c), I always reach for the LCP due to its small size. Living in IL I only carry when I am out-of-state somewhere that either my Utah or Pennsylvania license is valid, but on those occasions it always seems I grab the LCP with a pocket holster and the others just sit in their cases vainly waiting to be taken out of the house.
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