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Originally Posted by engineglue
I've started putting together a comparison chart which shows the weight-energy ratio between various rounds and a 22lr...
And so what does this really tell us and how can we make practical use of the information?

Originally Posted by engineglue
...I did it this way because the amount of force inflicted on tissue is related to the weight and energy of the bullet, not just energy....
So what?

Originally Posted by engineglue
...For reference, you can see that the Blazer 115G 9mm fired from a 4" barrel is about 10 times as destructive than a CCI Mini Mag 22lr fired from a Ruger SR22...
No I can not see that because your chart doesn't say anything of the sort.

On your chart the weight energy ratio of a Blazer 9mm 115 grain to be 10.55 times that of the .22. But that doesn't tell us anything about how destructive each bullet is. You are apparently merely assuming that the weight energy ratio correlates in a positive, and linear, fashion to tissue destruction.

So before you start tossing around claims about the comparative destructiveness of various cartridges you need to establish the validity of your threshold assumption.
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