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Ive extensively used both the 712 and the 912. I still have mixed feelings about them. Starting with value i think it is a good first shotgun. You get C IC M IM F chokes with the gun which is nice. And the wood is attractive in general on these weapons, i dont expect it to stay that way however as it is fairly easily scratched or dented. The bluing is pretty durable though. But once you get inside the shotgun you discover (in the 712) that it is a bit of a pain to completely strip for cleaning. And that is where you see some tool marks, some very rough edges and that kind of slop.

As far as shooting goes, it shoots good but is high maintenance. While it is a very light shotgun it is also long for just having a 28 inch barrel. The balance is pretty good and it swings good for its length. It is light recoiling like any gas shotgun. And the recoil pad is very comfortable. Definitely a shotgun that will fit somebody with longer arms better than one without... This thing gets dirty (712 more so) fast and it doesnt like being dirty. You can only go about 200 shells between cleanings, after that failures start. Mostly failure to eject, anywhere from 1 to 10 times per box of shells this will happen, after the ~200 shell point as mentioned.

Im not overly impressed with it but it is not a $1k+ shotgun, its a good starter auto loader. My brother, who shoots it more than me, absolutely loves it. Shotgun shopping is all about how it shoulders and swings, and no 2 people are exactly alike so if it feels good to you, get it.
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