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I made it for a man in Illinois who is a collector or large caliber rifles. He doesn't hunt anything. He just likes to shoot big guns.

I am the first man in over 150 years to make a 2 bore hunting rifle for sure, and it's probable that I am the 1st man ever to make one. This doesn't count wall guns or whaling guns.

My old apprentice Colin Stolzer is now making a living producing huge rifles and he has made more 2 bore than anyone in history. He and several other men have done quite a lot of research on the subject and one man has now written a book on it. According to them they have never found a true sporting rifle made in 2 bore anywhere in the world until I made the one in the picture.

It's totally impractical. But sure is a show stopper when he brings it to the range.

You must load it to such a slow velocity just so the gun doesn’t seriously injure or kill you with recoil.
If we look at the scale of powder to ball weight in muzzleloaders starting at about 58 caliber and working up to an 8 bore, we get a general idea of what is necessary to give velocities in the 1400 FPS range.

Scaling up at this rate the service charge for a 2 bore "should be" about 1100 grains of powder but the recoil of such a load would be injurious or maybe fatal.
Some light pack howitzers made in the 1840s were about 2 bore and they weigh about 350 pounds when set up on the carriage. Recoil propels them back about 28" to 3 feet when fired with 1100 grains of cannon powder.

This rifle weighs only 24 pounds so you can do the math on that and see why I am not exaggerating at all when I say such a load would not be something you would fire from your shoulder.

So this gun is used with a charge of 300-400 grains.. Still…’s more power than you might think. My customer tells me that with 300 grains of powder the balls exit 10” elm trees. A heavy steel target which easily stops a 458 Lott cold, was taken off the target burm and placed back behind it about 6 feet.
Too much gun!
But fun if you can handel it.
I can't.
The owner of that gun weighs well over 300 pounds and it back him up a LOT when he shoots it.
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