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Right now you are the student and you want to be a teacher. The best way to accomplish this, in my opinion, is to concentrate on being the student.

Take as many classes in your chosen field as possible. Some will be better than others and some instructors will be better than others. Some instructors will be paid professionals and some will just be interesting folks you meet along the way. You sometimes can't recognize or appreciate the good until you have experienced the bad. And the best instructors are not always the ones you like the most or even ones you paid the most. They are the ones who teach you the most.

Become a student of being a student and make a point to remember all the things that helped you over your hurdles so you can someday help others. A good instructor should be able to demonstrate anything they teach on demand and should be an accomplished expert in what they teach. But they also must be able to go back in their mind and remember what it was like when they were the student. They have to be able to get into the student's head, walk in their shoes and explain things to them in terms they can understand with their limited knowledge of the subject.

Don't be too quick to learn about teaching just yet. Learn about learning and become expert at what you do first. After that, learning to teach will be less difficult if you have already learned to learn.
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