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#1- a .410 single shot, mine is a Win 37. Nothing is easier to shoot for youngsters, and an underhanded clay or a squirrel on a limb at 20 is in grave danger and you will get results, which matters to kids. Nobody likes to miss. They are also useful in country places on pests and vermin. But don't expect to much from the .410 as a wing gun.

#2- a 12 ga pump, w/ 3" chamber, with chokes or barrels. Mine is a
now near 30 year old 870 mag w/ 20" RS barrel and a turkey choke, and 26" IC and full barrels. But a Moss 500 w/ tubes would be fine also.
Bamaboy came into a 835 turkey gun with 22" bbl and tubes, and although we
will never shoot 3.5" shells in it, it seems near ideal as well.

I might could just get by w/ 2!!!!!

## but, 3 it is and for that some type of 20ga, though you know, I don't own one and likely never will.
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