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I can't drive myself to the range A: Because I don't have a license (I have a restricted license and am very close to getting a license) but B because I can't be in possession of a gun. My range also won't let you check in if you're under 18 unless you're with an adult.

I do go to the Ancient City Shooting Range (nice find) and love it there. They have great instructors. It is where I took my first steps class and where my parents took their CCW class. Also where we are going to take the defensive carry class.

Of the 4H/ CMP classes, are any pistol specific? I don't currently have a rifle, and the one I was going to buy was a bolt action .22. I wouldn't let this stop me, but until I can get a rifle I'd like to see what there is to do.

To be frank, after really thinking about my schedule, I don't know if I could do i right now. I do a lot of activities that I love right now that are free or even cost money. I'm starting school in September as well. At least until I have at least one activity that is for some kind of financial stability, I don't know I could take on another endeavor simply for the love.

That doesn't mean I can't start learning now though! If nothing else the learning is fun.

I definitely want to take an Appleseed class at some point, but I'll just have to keep an eye on what my range has going on. I'll also look into the 4H, CMP, competitions, and recommended reading in the mean time.

Thank you all for your great answers.
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