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You have received some great responses so far. One thing I would like to add to them is for you to develop an effective teaching style. You obviously have a love for teaching. And you have a good, teachable spirit in that you are asking others to opine on your desires.

In addition to being intelligent on the subject matter at hand, a good instructor must also be effective at communicating. Universities are filled with PhD instructors who couldn't teach their way out of a wet paper bag. Trust me, I have had several of them. But the ones who are knowledgeable AND know how to teach are invaluable. Many people can become teachers, few can become good ones.

As you heed the advice given here by others, also see if you can shadow an instructor. Not just any instructor - find a good one! Watch their characteristics as they teach. What makes them so good? Maybe be their assistant as you learn. Or maybe you can ask them to mentor you.

Age can be another factor, at least initially. People older than you might have a hard time taking serious instruction from you. I had a MA instructor once that was 20 years my junior. But after only a few classes, I knew this "kid" was definitely my superior in the dojo. So in your younger years, you will also need to communicate your authority to the class.

Let us know how your endeavor goes!

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