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I am not sure about this specific mill, but most of what Grizzly, harbor freight, and some others market comes from the same source in Asia. I just had a run in with HF CS on a simple item I needed a part for. I ended up having it fabricated locally rather than deal with them.

It would be good to have in the corner for small stuff so you would not have to tie up your main miller.
I asked my instructor about these a few weeks ago. He basically said he wouldn't touch one. The simple reason being that when you are used to taking off .050 on each cut, if you have to drop down to .020 or .010 it will drive you crazy. I have only spent a dozen or so hours on the lathe and just a few on a bridgeport, but I feel like dropping down would drive me a little crazy also.

I have been trolling forums for a bit, and, if I were to make a purchase of a mini-mill today, I would probably go with one of the little Machine Shop designed and branded mills.
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