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Need help from 1911 expert.

Ok so I got a Olympic Arms Cohort 1911 Commander type. First let me say I love this pistol it fits my hand perfect. I know it's not a lot of people's cup of tea but I relly like it. Anyways took it out last week put about 100 rounds thru it. So here the question on about every third magazine the last round woud jam nose up but it did not happen all the time. I used four different mags to include 2 Colt,1 Chip Mccormick and 1 Metal form mags all are 8 rounders it happened in three of the mags but not always it was intermitent sometimes it would feed all the way thru other times not.I suspect the extractor tention but why would it not do that all the time? Anyways does anyone know what would cause this if so please let me know as i'm going to have some work done on it.
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