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James K
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Hi, Jim,

I should have worded my comment better. The Savage pistols are, at best, retarded blowback and likely did have some slight delay in opening, but that fact caused some writers to make the blanket statement that rotating barrel designs were all the same and that they were not true locked breech. That is the myth.

In fact, the Steyr-Hahn, Obregon, PA-15, and more modern pistols are truly locked breech designs and do not depend on the torque of the bullet delaying a blowback action, as is the case of the Savage.

The Colt dual-link pistols I have fired (I have several) are all quite accurate, but I suspect that is due more to the Colt workmanship of that era than to any inherent accuracy of the system. The early 1911's are also very accurate for the same reason. But the design allows a lot of sloppiness and if not very precisely fitted, either by the factory or by a skilled gunsmith, will not be accurate. The rotating barrel design, of course, could also be sloppy, but with the barrel, slide and bushing all in the same axis, there is less chance for leeway.

I don't have a target model of the PA-15, but I do have a standard model and it is quite accurate, though gawdawful big and heavy. My Steyr-Hahns are accurate, also. Alas, I don't have an Obregon.

Jim K
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