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OAL is too long, too much flare left on the case or too much crimp bulging the case. I use the "good hand tight grip" for adjusting my dies for removing flare in .45ACP also. Works well with jacketed and hard bonded bullets like the GDs. Not so much with lead and soft plated bullets like Rainiers or Berrys. To determine what may be your problem, take your calipers and measure the case just above the point where your resizing die stops. Slide the caliper up the length of your finished round and if you feel resistance, you have found the bulge that is preventing the cartridge from going into battery. If it's below the base of the bullet, you crimped to much, if it's at the case rim, you did not remove enough flare. If you do not find a "bulge" it's probably OAL. Perform the plunk test. Take a round that does not chamber correctly and slightly seat the round deeper in the case with your press until it(about .02 @ a time) chambers correctly. Measure it's OAL with your calipers. Should be around 1.200. If it feeds well from the mag along with chambering properly, you need to remember this length as it's what YOUR gun likes.
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