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My problem was everyother round seemed to not seat in the chamber all the way when loaded.
There could be four possible reasons your rounds will not allow your gun to go to full battery.

The first is that your "OAL" is too long and the bullet is hitting the rifling. For a 45 ACP an OAL of 1.20 is acceptable. It sounds like you maybe a bit longer than that. I would not expect the problem to be the length of the cases.

The second is the 45 ACP should not be crimped. While a crimp in and of itself will not stop your gun from going to full battery, it could be bulging the bullet just under the crimped area and keep the round from fully seating in the chamber.

The third reason would be if you "flare" your cases with a powder through die to add powder. And your seating die is not setup correctly to remove the flare. Since you are using RCBS equipment and not Lee, I don't think this would be the reason.

The forth possibility is that you are using an older Glock with a partially unsupported chamber and your cases are bulging at the base. To solve this you will need to get a Lee "bulge buster kit" and a Lee "Factory Crimp Die" for 45 ACP to size the full length of the case including the base.

If I had to take an un-educated guess, I would say your overall length with the bullet in the case is too long. This is easily corrected by using the seating die and bring your seating stem down a small bit and running the rounds through the die again.

Good luck and stay safe

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