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45ACP help

I reloaded 100 45ACP in some once fired 45ACP brass that I bought new. Original brass was Remington 230grain MC. I reloaded Speer GDHP 185grain, and used 7.0 grains of universal powder. I used a RCBS Rock Chucker reloader set. I got everyting from the Speer book. I feel I used a pretty good crimp, a good hand tight grip on the seater die.
My problem was everyother round seemed to not seat in the chamber all the way when loaded. One would fire, the next would not seat and prevent the slide from moving all the way forward. Just looking to see it anyone may know what I did wrong, or what I can improve on.
I started reloading again begining of this year, after about a 10 year break. I used to reload a-lot of rifle rounds. Now I mainly reload revolver rounds, and I am trying to reload 45ACP and 40cal.


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