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** Update **

Hey everybody check this out.
Y'all remember me begging for votes on my photo in this contest for the free custom holster. Well with everybody's help, including all of the folks over at Girls of Fire facebook page, I gave it a great run but the competition was better!
However, the people at Estes Leather Works got involved through the Girls of Fire facebook page. They liked the photo and thought it deserved a holster any way.
So after a few emails to work out the details I received this work of art!

It is the Estes Leather Snap Cake holster. It is similar to a pancake holster but with the snaps it is possible to remove the holster if it is necessary to disarm with out removing your belt.
The quality and craftsmanship are quite extraordinary! They make some great looking holsters!!
But I think what I like the best about it is it is made right here in TEXAS!
They are also working on a new IWB for a bit more deep concealment!
I am sure they will be top of the line as well!

I am blown away by the generosity of Estes Leather.
Even though I came in second, they made me a winner anyway!

I could not recomend them enough!
Good folks and great products!

Thanks for the support guys!
~ "JJ"
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