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FWIW, one of John Browning's patents was for a rotating barrel pistol, and the Obregon was basically a 1911 type with a rotating barrel.

There is nothing wrong with a rotating barrel lockup, except that the U.S. adopted the tilting barrel 1911, and other countries adopted the BHP so that post WWII the tilting barrel type has dominated the market. Today, again thanks to U.S. adoption, there has been a resurgence of the locking block (P.38, M9) system and there seem to be more rotating barrel pistols.

In theory, the rotating barrel is the more accurate system. I am aware that it is hard to beat a tuned 1911 type, but a lot of the tuning work is needed because of the tilting barrel and is avoided in a rotating barrel. There is a myth that the rotating barrel is not really locked, or is locked only by the torque of the bullet against the rifling. Not so; rotating barrels like the Steyr-Hahn, Obregon or Beretta Storm are fully locked until unlocked by recoil, just like tilting barrel or block locked guns.

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