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That's awesome man. My 3 kids all started young (around 5) with my 22 rifle handed down through 4 generations now. Its a 1936 Savage 87A that starts off locked in single shot mode. My oldest daughter (11) can shoot very well and the youngest (5) can hit a half inch bullseye 7 out of 10 at 10yds. Thats great for a 5 yr old in my opinion. Theyve started watching each other for safety violations and its great to hear one of them remind the other to keep it pointed downrange.
Burning ammo and making memories is my favorite part of summer break with them.
It was awesome to watch my 11 yr old girl outshoot her older male cousin (13) in an impromptu shooting match last month. He started off talking smack but by the 3rd shot he had shut up and was eager for some coaching from Uncle Bryan.
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