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Smith & Wessons with horrendous locks that no one but Obama and Clinton want.
If nobody wants them, how do you explain the fact that they sell every one they make? And they make a fair number of them.

While I don't onw one at the present time, I've owned a couple in the past. Didn't bother me a bit.

Same thing goes for those ugly Rugers I suppose. To my way of thinking Rugers have always been ugly. Good guns, just not as nice looking as Colt or Smith & Wesson.

Back the OP's question. I've a revolver guy. I've owned semi-autos in the past and while I don't mind them, I just like revolvers better. I suspect, and it's just a SWAG that there are more revolvers out there than there are semi's but only because revolvers have been around since...what? The early 1800's or so? The semi-auto didn't get started until late, took a while to really get going, and has in just the last 30 or 40 years started to make a serious move, especially in the civilian market. They may not have caught up yet, but the total market has grown a lot in those 40 years, and almost all of it has been semi-auto's.
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