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I find that a WHOLE lot of bottom feeder shooters don't practice, and therefore aren't particularly good shots. Some come right out and say "I want 15 rounds because I'm not a very good shot". The overwhelming majority of guys I see at the range with autos are shooting very close sillhouettes. The overwhelming majority of revolver shooters are shooting significantly farther out, including out to 50 and 100 yds.

I use to have all kinds of fun shooting my six gun against other cops and their slab guns in bowling pins. We'd set up MORE than six pins so I'd have to reload. Yet, simply because I practiced a lot, I killed all the pins faster than they did with their black plastic ray guns.

So as far as the topic question, I think square guns are more popular. Heck I think there's more Glocks in the closet in Phoenix than any other gun made. I think the wheel gunners are fewer, have had theirs longer, tend to be older and practice more.

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